Join Us!

The Skokie Concert Choir welcomes all vocal parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass.

We do not hold formal auditions, but prior singing experience is a plus. Our director will be happy to place you in the correct section if you are not sure of your vocal range. Please Contact Us with any questions, and more information on our Rehearsals.

Our members come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds ranging from semi-professional to individuals who haven’t sung since high school to individuals whose only experience consists of serenading the shower curtain! To some members reading music is second nature; others have very little ability to read. In other words, if you love to sing, you’ll be a welcome addition to our group!


Membership dues are collected twice a year – at the beginning of each semester in September and in February.

Dues go toward paying for the conductor, accompanist, the cost of ordering music, rent, insurance, concert and other expenses. Supporting and Sustaining dues provide additional resources and have allowed the basic dues to remain the same over many years, despite increased operational costs.

  • Basic Membership:     $185.00
  • Supporting Member:   $250.00
  • Sustaining Member:    $300.00

Other Opportunities:

Solos and Small Ensembles
Choir members have the opportunity to perform a solo of their choosing or to form small ensembles to perform at each concert. Soloists and ensembles are selected by an audition committee and are expected to provide their own accompanist and practice on their own.